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Scaffolding, Redux

Mike Flynn of Opportunity Green attended the Art Center College summit, and took these shots of the three futures presented in my talk. Thanks, Mike!

Also: very, very cool to discover the Mobility Vision Integration Process, a nifty way of quickly generating scenaric futures. The focus here is on mobility, but the process -- which Art Center College has chosen not to patent or otherwise restrict -- can be applied much more broadly. While the basic card version offers a fun way of playing scenario design (I so want to come up with the Collectible Card Game rules for it!), the site also offers a Flash version that does a decent job of replicating the experience.


What's particularly nice about the process is that it provides not just scenario bullet points, but the "design context" -- that is, the various constraints and demands that go into shaping the strategies operating in this scenario.


(I so want to come up with the Collectible Card Game rules for it!)

I don't think I've ever wanted anything more. Make it so! :D

You'll find the story of how the MVIP cards were created at:


They are a great tool!


I nominate Jamais for CFO (Chief Future Officer) of the Obama administration.

Great thoughts at the summit Jamais!

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