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Uncertainty, Complexity, and Taking Action

Here's the video of the second talk I gave at the Global Catastrophic Risks event last November. It's only 15 minutes long -- they just wanted a quick discussion of the day -- but I think it actually turned out okay. I just need to stop doing that weird thing with my hands.

Uncertainty, Complexity, and Taking Action by Jamais Cascio, posted by Jeriaska on Vimeo.

This was essentially an extemporaneous talk about what had just happened, so no slides. There is, however, a transcript.

What would be a Bretton Woods, not around the economy but around technology? Technology is political behavior. Technology is social. We can talk about all of the wonderful gadgets, all of the wonderful prizes and powers, but ultimately the choices that we make around those technologies (what to create, what to deploy, how those deployments manifest, what kinds of capacities we add to the technologies) are political decisions.

The more that we try to divorce technology from politics, the more we try to say that technology is neutral, the more we run the risk of falling into the trap of unintended consequences.

(Warning for the sensitive: I drop the f-bomb a few times in this talk.)


Excellent synthesis Jamais. But yes, you could use a little more Roman oratory gesture and a little less http://preview.tinyurl.com/ironclaw. But hey, at least you're expressive, right?


Miriam is right - a bit more oratory - like you are speaking to (or of) the prince of denmark.


You shouldn't reduce the weird wiggly waving, IMHO. It adds colour to Your words and makes it even more worthwhile to see You live in action.

Granted, it might seem awkward on audiovisual stream (my favourite is at 1:33 umbrella-ella-ella), but that's ok if You don't need to look presidentially telegenic.

BTW, lovely alliteration "fiddly forces".


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