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Mark Your Calendars

As I've noted, this weekend I'll be speaking at two different events in the SF Bay Area. I finally have the times for my talks, for those of you wishing to make sure you don't stumble across me by accident.

For Global Catastrophic Risks on Friday in Mountain View, I've been convinced somehow to give two presentations, the first at 10am, and the second as a closing set of observations at 4:45pm. I think Hughes got me to agree to this while I was still under the influence of jet lag. I call shenanigans.

For the Green Festival San Francisco, I'll be speaking at the "Mezzanine" location at 4pm on Sunday. I'll be talking Green Futures, but I'll be up against Greg Palast and the "Shamanic Cheerleaders," so I suspect the audience will be most generously described as "intimate."

Tickets still available for both.


Dammit. This is one of those times I wish I lived in the US.
Both sounds really interesting, but since I happen to like Palast as well, it'd probably be that I'd go to, if I could.


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