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If I'm Quiet...

Here's my next month:

  • Ongoing until November 17: Superstruct (online)
      If you aren't playing, you should be: I'm already seeing some wildly innovative ideas about what can be done to deal with global problems.

  • October 24: Emerging Technologies Workshop as lead-in to the Singularity Summit. (San Jose, CA)
      I'll be on the Nanotechnology panel, and giving the closing keynote to the meeting. All tickets have been sold, but I'm sure there will be recordings/video made available afterwards.

  • November 3-11: Singapore (Nov 5-8) and Tokyo (Nov 8-10).
      I'll be giving a series of talks on forecasting, disruptive futures, and sustainable development to a variety of government officials, including the Deputy Prime Minister. Tokyo, I'm visiting a friend. (And, as the schedule above suggests, I'll be somewhere over the Pacific for most of election day.)

  • November 14: Catastrophic Risks conference. (San Jose, CA)
      I'll be talking about building a resilient civilization, a happy alternative to everyone else talking about us being DOOOOOOOMED! Tickets are still available, by the way.

  • November 16: Green Festival. (San Francisco, CA)
      I'll be giving the updated version of my Green Futures talk, laying out different scenarios of what a successful response to global warming could look like.

  • November 18-19: IFTF Technology Horizons Fall conference. (San Francisco, CA)
      Honestly, at this point, I'll be happy if I can just show up and say something coherent.

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    Looking forward to Tokyo.

    Any non-state events in Singapore?


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