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(Getty | Chip Somodevilla) | (lifted from Atrios)

Pushed with little time to examine or debate, with explicit demands for no transparency and no oversight, and at a scale that undermines (frankly, destroys) our flexibility to deal with emerging problems. This "rescue" package for Wall Street is pretty much a textbook example of how not to embrace tomorrow when thinking about today.


Perhaps you should add "rampant economic deregulation" to the list of Superstruct Superthreats.

Or it's a brilliantly executed coup 'd grace on sovereignty. This is your outlaw planet right here.

I've taken a great deal of heart from the fact that the proposed deal has outraged people across the political spectrum.

The intensity of disgust and disbelief suggests that people are ready for a change.

I just hope that things don't get so bad that economic misery doesn't cause people to choose foolish short-term solutions. A get gulled into blaming scapegoats.


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