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My Talk at the Moodle Moot

Here's the talk I gave at Moodle Moot San Francisco last week. It runs about 70 minutes -- yeah, I spoke for over an hour -- and the slides aren't visible. Fortunately, I really only use slides for illustrations, and you shouldn't have a problem understanding what I'm talking about.

(Update: I've added a link to the slides below.)

Slides can be found at SlideShare. I have to tap the laptop to advance the slides, so it should be pretty easy to follow along.

While the talk ostensibly focuses on the future of education and educational technologies, it wanders across a much broader landscape. It's more of a "what's shaping the next decade?" kind of talk, with an education spin.

As always, I'm eager to get your reactions.


It would be great if you could upload your slides to http://www.slideshare.net/ and embed them in your post.

Cool! You could have embedded the slides under the video, so we could watch both at the same time (although strangely the video is no longer embedded any more), but thanks anyway.


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