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A Day to Savor


Doesn't matter whether you were for him or for someone else, today is truly an inflection point in history. It's the delivery of a promise made in the years long past and sometimes thought abandoned. It's a sign that we can make ourselves better, that transformation for the good remains in our grasp.

(Hat tip to Wil for the idea...)


I'm writing a check for his campaign this week.

McCain . . . after seeing his speech, I almost feel sorry for him. He looks like an appliance store salesmen whose boss put him in charge of selling a warehouse full of DVD-HD players.

Watching Obama's speech in Minnesota yesterday was a moment to remember and treasure, with visions of better days ahead for people in this country and around the world.

What was unlikely (if not unthinkable for many) as late as January, has actually come to pass in less than six short/long months. A good example of how quickly we adapt to novelty, re: your recent future-shock argument. While fundamentalists and other "agents of intolerance" remain powerful forces, five more months of contemplating the notion of Obama as president might be enough to overcome latent resistance to this "shocking" possibility and deliver the big prize in November.

HOPE sure does feel good.

Obama and Clinton each succeeded in redefining the possible in identity politics, which is commendable. Obama has gone further, redefining what's possible for political process and structure - and that's huge.


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