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Six Degrees: A Request

This Sunday night, at 8pm Eastern/9pm Pacific, the National Geographic Channel will show Six Degrees Could Change the World, a documentary based on Mark Lynas' book, depicting what could happen to the planet as global temperatures increase. The NGC team interviewed me for the show, and -- based on the appearance of cheeseburger references in early reviews of the program -- it looks like that interview made it in. Yay me.

Two issues:

  • The first is that I'm going to be in San Diego on Sunday night, at a reception for the next day's Campus Energy Efficiency conference, so won't be able to watch.

  • The second is that I don't get the National Geographic Channel on my cable lineup at home, so I can't even Tivo the show.

    Some of you should have NGC access, and an interest in the program. It's getting good reviews, so even if you're so over the whole cheeseburger footprint thing you're ready to go out and eat a dozen quarter-pounders just to spite the planet, you should still find it interesting to watch. So here's my request:

    As I noted last year, they filmed me in a variety of locations, doing a variety of silly and not-so-silly things. I have no idea what they included, and would really appreciate a description of how I'm portrayed, and -- if possible -- a screenshot.

    They tell me that they're going to send me a DVD at some point, so I will eventually see for myself, but I'd appreciate knowing just how much I'm going to have to explain and apologize for next week.

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    Just set my box to record it, should be no problem to get you a copy within a few hours of it being over....

    Watching it now, I was curious enough to google ... I think I've read your things in the past, and I thought you came through pretty well.

    I give the show itself B+, for maybe seeming to flashy with the disaster imagery ... and allowing so many Hummer commercials.

    (Why the same shirt in the resaturant and the feedlot?)

    I stumbled upon the show entirely by accident and wasn't expecting to see you on my teevee at all! Even my non-vegetarian better half Eric agreed with me that they managed to make cheeseburgers seem overall very unappetizing indeed. We both thought you came off enormously well, though. Very good natured and informative.

    I thought you were great, Jamais. I took a picture of the screen with my phone (just as you're putting on the glove), which I'll email to you.

    You had some excellent comic moments there, especially the glove and the look you gave as the refrigerator door closed.

    Nice job, Jamais. You did come off very well (and you had more screen time than anyone else other than Lynas (and maybe that guy from Goddard)).

    You not only have the cheeseburger segment, but another quote and snippet at the end talking about solutions.

    I've DVRd the whole thing in high def. I'll take a photo and send it on.

    Odograph -- you were a regular commenter at WC when I was writing there.

    I had the same shirt on because the restaurant and stockyard scenes were filmed on the same day.

    Thanks for the picture, John, and I'm looking forward to the hi-def shots, Jason...


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