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Notes for "Battlefield Earth"

batearth.pngForeign Policy has just published a substantially updated version of my article "Terraforming War," on the potential strategic/military use of geoengineering, under the title "Battlefield Earth." As it is not FP policy to put links in articles, I thought I'd go ahead and add a list of links not previously appearing in the earlier version of the article. (Updated January 30.)

  • "A start-up company called Climos and the government of India have each begun to prepare tests of “ocean iron fertilization” to boost oceanic phytoplankton blooms"

  • Project Popeye: Amy Lewis, "Controlling the Weather," for Weather.com, 2000.

  • Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025: Col Tamzy J. House, Lt Col James B. Near, Jr., LTC William B. Shields (USA), Maj Ronald J. Celentano, Maj David M. Husband, Maj Ann E. Mercer, Maj James E. Pugh, presented to US Air Force in August, 1996

  • "One proposal would pull cooler water from the deep oceans to the surface in an explicit attempt to shift the trajectories of hurricanes..." I'm told by Philip Kithil, the founder of Atmocean (the leading group looking at pulling cooler water to the ocean surface), that their research now shows that this process won't shift hurricane paths.

  • 1977 Environmental Modification Convention: US Department of State, signed in May 1977, entered into force October 1978

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