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She's Geeky

Mark your calendars: the first "She's Geeky" unconference is now set for October 22-23, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Organized by my colleague Kaliya Hamlin (the so-called "Identity Woman"), She's Geeky will be an opportunity for the growing number of women tech specialists to network and collaborate.

We have three simple goals with the event.
  • Exchange skills and learning from women from diverse fields of technology.
  • Discuss topics about women and technology.
  • Connect the diverse range of women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding, hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical geeky fields.

What is the value of coming? It should be a great networking opportunity to meet other interesting women who you or your company might do business with. In this format you will get to learn more then you would just having interesting meetings in a hallway like you do at typical conferences that cost a lot more.

Not being female, I'm not attending, but this is the kind of event I'm happy to give my whole-hearted support, and I'm pleased that Kaliya asked me to blog about it.

Looking out over the audience (and the speaker list) at the Singularity Summit earlier this month, I was reminded just how narrow the perspectives seem to be in the world of tech-centered futurism. Ideas are not determined by the color of one's skin or the shape of the bits in one's pants, but they are shaped by experience. Diversity -- a cognitive and social polyculture, if you will -- gives us strength.


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