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Reactions to the Singularity Summit Talk

eh.jpgA few bloggers -- and a couple of photographers -- took some notes on my talk at the Singularity Summit yesterday. Most simply recapped some of my lines (and one simply reprinted the whole talk), but I'll put the ones with commentary at the top:

Bruce Sterling: "(((I'm really enjoying this, even though I believe that "Artificial Intelligence" is so far from the ground-reality of computation that it ought to be dismissed like the term "phlogiston.")))"

Dan Farber, at ZDNet: "How a democratic, open process can be applied to a complex idea like Singularity, and the right choices made, remains a mystery."

Mike Linksvayer: "My unwarranted extrapolation: the ideal of free software has some potential to substitute for the dominant ideal (representative democracy), but cannot compete directly, yet."

Insider Chatter by Donna Bogatin: "...what does personal, direct experience become when observation and archiving of experience is the ultimate end game, rather than the activity itself? In other words, whatever happened to the joy of serendipitously living in the moment?"

Singularity News

David Orban

Renee Blodgett, who includes some photos (one of which graces the top of this post).

Frontier Channel

• And a special shout out to a commentary at ZDNet by Chris Matyszczyk, who manages to get an entire article snarking on the event out of making fun of my name.



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