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Upcoming Calendar

It appears that I'm now shifting into the "public presentation" section of my work year. I'm reasonably comfortable giving a talk in front of a crowd, but that comfort will definitely be put to the test by this flurry of speeches. They'll be on diverse topics, which means I won't be able to recycle my presentations, but it also means I'll be reaching a wider variety of audiences.

    September 8: Singularity Summit 2007, in San Francisco, California

    September 13-14: Swiss Re*, in Zurich, Switzerland

    October 3: Government of Hungary*, in Budapest, Hungary

    November 8: Behavior, Energy and Climate Conference, in Sacramento, California

    November 9: Green Business Conference, in San Francisco, California. Note that I'm stepping in as a replacement for IFTF's Bob Johansen, the actual author of Get There Early.

    November 17: [Will be announced on Wednesday]

    December 6-7: Metaverse Summit 2007, in Berlin, Germany

    [* IFTF-related conferences]

If you'll be attending any of these, please let me know -- and say hi when you see me.


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