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Metaverse in Tech Review (and a small request)

The latest issue of Technology Review contains a lengthy, very well-researched story on the Metaverse, written by Wade Roush. Wade interviewed me for the piece, and I have a couple of reasonably accurate quotes included therein; he also pulls from the will-be-published-any-second-now-I-promise Metaverse Roadmap report. It's a long article, but highly recommended -- he really does a good job of making the whole concept make sense.

Second Earth (printer-friendly, all-on-one-page version)

The initial link to me in the web version of the article goes to a brief bio at Wikipedia. Now, I was aware of the Wikipedia entry, but tried not to pay much attention to it. Now that a real journal is linking to it, however, I kind of think it needs to be cleaned up. It has all the signs of too many disconnected edits; weird grammar, awkward phrasing, and an odd balance of content. Thing is, it's not a good practice for the subject of a Wikipedia entry to go in and monkey with it, even in the name of fixing bad grammar. Any of you out there who have decent Wikipedia juju want to go in and take a crack at it?


I can help you out. However, fixing errors and such in your own entry should be fine; it's just frowned upon to add your own biographical data and such. Even that might be OK provided it references external sources that are not done by you.

Anyway, email me and we'll talk about it. The key thing is you do not want unsubstantiated information there; that is frowned upon regardless who adds it. Which is tough in a biographical entry, as no one knows you like you do, but it's inappropriate to use an encyclopedia as an autobiography.


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