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Interview for Changesurfer Radio

Trinity College Professor of Healthy Policy James Hughes, founder of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (of which I am a Fellow), runs a weekly Internet radio show called "Changesurfer Radio," covering a variety of topics related to building a more democratic (small-d) future. On March 31, Dr. Hughes interviewed me for his show; the result is now up on the Changesurfer website.

"Technogaian Approaches to the Climate Crisis"

(Direct link to the MP3)

The connection apparently had a bit of noise at the outset, and it looks like James just zapped that part of the conversation -- which is why I don't say "hi" at the beginning, and his intro seems to go on awfully long. It was a fun conversation, though, and I look forward to the next time.


Great commentary! Good points.

We need an even more sensibly grander following for people who like civilization and want it to stay.

You mentioned James Howard Kunstler for instance. His blog has way too many comments on his latest post.
All those commenters should open the future!


Though I admit to having to read the word "Technogaian" twice :)


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