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User Creation Panel, SXSW2007

Mark Wallace at 3pointD.com has a pretty darn complete recap of the panel I was on today at South-by-Southwest.

Most interesting line, from Raph Koster:

The number one use of user-created content in virtual spaces is the screenshot.

(Update:) Another recap of the panel from Tony Walsh at Clickable Culture.


Interesting. You mention there is work being done to translate SL objects into real world objects. I am not sure I understand that; are you referring to the 3D models themselves, or to their behavior as defined by the second life scripting language?

I am not sure how the latter would be expressed in physical media.

I found out a little more about this; apparently it is just the model and not behavior. So the shape will be there but any articulation and such will not be expressed. Nice business opportunity for the people involved though, if not as groundbreaking as it first sounded.

The 3D printers are getting amazing; they han make parts now that cannot be made by other means.


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