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Expanding My Footprint

ouchcarbon.jpgAir travel is the persistent dilemma facing a climate-conscious consultant. Plane flights are particularly nasty sources of greenhouse gases, in part because of the direct emissions, and in part because of where the gases are emitted. One round-trip between San Francisco and London puts out nearly as much carbon as a year's worth of driving my Honda Civic Hybrid.

Or, um, eating a bit more than 300 cheeseburgers (@ 6kg per burger).

Nonetheless, on Saturday evening I'm heading to the UK, on a project for the Open University. I'll have a very brief time to see some good friends, but it's primarily a work trip. Accordingly, blogging is likely to be spotty at best for a bit.


I'm carrying some guilt about this; more than 60k miles for me last year. I keep promising to go buy carbon credits or something but I haven't.

Who'd have thought that being too poor to travel overseas could be a way to avoid carbon footprint guilt! Talk about silver linings, eh? ;)

I doubt that your travels will bring you to the rather unexciting city of Portsmouth during your travels in the UK, but if they do be sure to let me know - it'd be ace to meet you in person. Otherwise, enjoy your trip.

I figured out that the decade or more of 100 trees and a hive of bees each year to Heifer Project probably evens out my carbon balance.

But I could be wrong.


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