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As the result of a casual conversation at the Good Ancestor Principle workshop, I've added SocialForge.org to the list of domains in my care. The name is a reference to SourceForge and BioForge, websites that offer resources for open source programming and open source bioengineering, respectively. I bought it because it seemed like a good name and concept, but I didn't really have an agenda for what I'd do with it.

Any suggestions as to what would be the best approach to the use of SocialForge?


Seems to me like it would be a great niche resource for open standards and open source tools in the social web space.

That's tricky, since social implies two different things:

1) Personal friends and relationships, and how one navagates them: "being social", "social software", "ice cream social".

2) Public problems emerging from human interactions: "social problems", "social science", "social issues".

Maybe this site is somehow about the messy interaction between these two meanings of social.


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