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Caption Contest

(Taken by Vlasta Radan at the Good Ancestor Principle 2007 workshop)


One more thing...

"I wasn't within an inch of my life, more about like this."

"...and then I grabbed Al by his throat, see, 'n I said 'Al, you over-sized pansy, you're running for President. Got that?'"

Good ancestors would give their descendents more opposable digits.

"OK, so imagine this is the carbon footprint of just one cheeseburger..."

uh, Jamais is havin' sum diFICKelty pickin up his wuter bottle.

I find your lack of faith... disturbing.

If you must know... That's in HO scale, of course!

If I may make an analogy... global warming is a lot like those chest-bursters from Alien...You go along enjoying your cornbread until wham...

[vader] I find your lack of faith... disturbing. [/vader]


Futurist Jamais Cascio demonstrates the proper technique for dealing with comment spammers.

And I then fling this tiny bottle of water at you, like THIS...

And so my pen has become completely invisible! Who wants to volunteer?

Seen through my glasses, nanodevices are way too big. We must get'em tinier!

Alright, its an all play. Who's turn is it to draw?

"Your avatar can be anything: a flamingo, a robot, or even a Tyrannosaur."

Picture Title : The Honest Fisherman

Caption : "I once caught a fish this big."

"... while the size of the black hole in the next scenario is even larger..."


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