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Back, Alive and Staggered by the Backlog

Seriously, I need to go on modafinil full-time and just forget about this whole "sleep" thing. Multiple topsight-style posts to follow, plus a long essay.

(I got a chance to try modafinil last week, as it happens. Just a single dose, taken instead of coffee one morning while still adjusting to the time-zone change. The effects were subtle, but definite. It certainly woke me up better than coffee does, and without any of the "vibrating" effects that sometimes arise from caffeine overdose. This sense of being awake and clear slowly faded over the day, and I had no problem getting to sleep later that night.

The one side-effect I noticed was a slight loss in inhibition about offering on-topic but sarcastic suggestions during the morning brainstorming exercise. None of the comments were entirely over-the-line, but most were ones that I would otherwise have framed a bit more diplomatically. Some were (apparently) funny, while others were presumably seen as "quirky" or "provocative."

Great, just what I need: Uninhibited Snark in a Pill™.)


Do you usually take coffee to wake up? if so, wouldn't that be the proper control case? I mean, trying to compare a new case you're not used to experiencing (modafinil) to another (waking up without coffee) may not result in the most consistent experience.

Is modafinil non-prescription?

I do usually drink coffee in the morning. On the day prior to the modafinil day, I had coffee as usual, and that was what I was measuring my modafinil reaction against.

Modafinil is prescription-only, but I have a friend who has a prescription for use to help him be alert on trips, and he gave me a single tablet to try.

"The first hit is free, man."


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