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I Want My Google Data Privacy

googleeyes.jpgThe Hawk Wings blog points us to a site called Freds House, wherein a writer proposes something new and, as far as I'm concerned, absolutely brilliant: Google Data Privacy.

I'm feeling increasingly uneasy about my dependence on Google services. [...] I look around my desktop and I see Google Reader, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Toolbar, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google News, Google Analytics, Google Earth, and of course Google Google. [...]

I think I need a new Google product to drop into beta. That would be, let's see, Google Data Privacy. GDP would allow me to review all of the information that Google retains on me across all services, from all devices, and from all sources. GDP would allow me to determine the maximum data retention period for each of my services. GDP would allow me to selectively opt out of cross-service data mining & correlation, even if it reduced the quality of the services I receive. GDP would allow me to correct any inaccurate data in my profile. And GDP would log and alert me when my data was queried by other services.

I want my Google Data Privacy.

So do I. This is exactly the kind of thing that Google could do, should do, to maintain its "Don't Be Evil" motto, while compiling better -- more accurate and more useful -- information.

This is the best web idea I've seen in a long time, and it deserves wider discussion.


Thanks for the link and the kind words, Jamais. I have to admit that it was a bit of an off-the-cuff idea, but on reflection it does seem like it would be a win-win-win for Google ("doing well by doing good", eliminating those nagging fears about Dark Sergey :-), its users (better control over personal data & privacy), and the broader net community (setting the bar higher for *every* service provider).


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