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Honolulu Bound

uhrcfs.jpgThe life of a consulting futurist can be trying. Take next week, for example: I'll be flying off to Honolulu for five days, a guest of the University of Hawai'i Research Center for Future Studies. While I'm there, I'll be giving a presentation at the Hawai'i Future Salon (on Thursday the 24th), and will be an observer at the kick-off event for the Hawai'i 2050 Sustainability Task Force (on Saturday the 26th), wherein the UHRCFS group will present an interactive, immersive exhibit illustrating multiple scenarios. When I'm not pontificating (or listening to others pontificate), my wife and I will be enjoying an unexpected trip to Oahu, undoubtedly involving doing a great deal of very little.

Your sympathy is greatly appreciated.

(More seriously, I'd be happy to entertain any suggestions of interesting sights or quick trips for the stay.)


You have my sympathy.

I'm not sure if you're stuck on the one island, but I once spent a few hours snorkelling with some turtles off Maui which was pretty cool, and checking out the volcanoes on the big island is interesting (especially if you like the large clouds of steam created where the lava runs into the ocean).


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