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Fast Company: The Transparency Dilemma

Last week's and this week's "Open Future" columns for Fast Company make up a two-part examination of the dilemmas surrounding transparency. In "I Can See You," I wrote: We leave digital footprints everywhere we go, and those footprints are becoming...

The Big Picture: Resource Collapse

(The Big Picture is my series on the major driving forces likely to shape the next 20 years. The first post, on Climate Change, went up in early February.) Truism #1: Human society's continued existence depends on the sustained flows...

Tuesday Topsight, August 1, 2006

"The guns of August." For anyone with a background in military/political history, that phrase is redolent with sadness. It's the title of Barbara Tuchman's highly-regarded book on the first world war, but it has come to suggest the sense of...

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