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Unwittingly Participating in the Panopticon

This does not seem like a good combination: The FBI wants (has?) backdoors to monitor Skype (along with other Internet telephony apps); tellingly, there's already concern that such backdoors are open to non-FBI intruders. The soon-to-arrive XBox One has Skype...

New Fast Company Column: I Can See You

My new Fast Company column is now up. I Can See You looks at the dilemmas surrounding mass transparency and the "culture of documentation." With the rise of cheap, networked recording devices--aka, cameraphones--we're seeing the emergence of a culture of...

Co-opting the Participatory Panopticon?

Is it still "sousveillance" -- watching from below -- if it's going straight to The Man? The city of New York, in a rather clever move, has decided to equip its 911 (emergency) and 311 (non-emergency) call centers with the...

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