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Today on the WELL Discussion: Pandemics, War... and Hope

Jon Lebkowsky posted this: We know what we should be doing, but we're derailed by external forces and our own internal drivers and addictions. For decades now I've heard smart people talk about compelling solutions, but there's no market for...

Still Talking About the Future at the WELL

The conversation at the WELL on the state of the future is still going, and will continue through the 28th. Jon Lebkowsky is the host of the discussion, taking on a role similar to the one he has with Bruce...

State of the Future 2013

Every year, Bruce Sterling does a masterful job of talking about the "state of the world" at The WELL. For two weeks, Chairman Bruce holds center stage, answering questions and pontificating (as only the former Pope/Emperor of the Viridian movement...

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