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New Fast Company Column: Social Networks and the Brain

This week's Fast Company column is now up: Social Networking and the Brain: Continuous Partial Empathy? asks whether the way we use social networking technologies is ultimately making us better people -- or worse... Social technologist Linda Stone talks about...

Exit the Machine

Cameron Reilly, voice of "G'Day World," on Australia's Podcast Network, listened to "The Chorus" -- the scenario I had constructed for the Futurist's Sandbox panel at SXSW -- and was thoroughly disturbed by the story it told. Disturbed enough, it...

Tuesday Topsight, August 15, 2006

Today's Topsight Tuesday is all about things that worry and frighten us: massive asteroid impacts, terrorism, and Powerpoint. • Boom: This video at YouTube apparently comes from a Japanese program on global disasters. It shows what would happen if we...

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