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A Few Quick LInks

Nothing of any particular depth, but all worth a glance: • You Can't Destroy the Earth. Really. Not even with a Death Star. • Prediction Markets as Futurism? Eh, not so much. • Petabyte-scale Climate Modeling. GEAS, here we come....

Saturday Topsight, April 21, 2007

• CardioBot: The Heartlander is an inch-long robot designed to crawl across the surface of a living, beating heart, in order to carry out various medical tasks. Inserting the Heartlander requires minimally-invasive surgery, potentially under local anesthetic (i.e., out-patient heart...

How to Read an End-of-Year Forecast

It seems to be common practice among bloggers, columnists and other species of pundit to offer in the closing days of December a few predictions about the year to come. These usually include some brief sentences about how well or...

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