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Topsight, February 12, 02008

Because "Bottomsight" just sounds too naughty. • Hot Cyborg Action: Industrial designer Hans Alexander Huseklepp wondered what would happen if you took the modern design aesthetic seen in simple prosthetics like eyeglasses, and applied it to more sophisticated prosthetics, like...

Advanced Griefing in the Material World

This happened a couple of years ago, but I was just reminded of it again recently (and it didn't receive the attention it deserves). The story of the Guiding Hand Social Club and the Valentine Operative offers one scenario of...

The Griefer Future

Nice little future you got there. Hate to see something bad happen to it. The blending of the physical and immersive digital worlds -- the metaverse -- inevitably produces bizarre results. I've noted (and we've started to see examples of)...

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