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Record Battery Energy Density in Context [Updated]

A tech company called Envia Systems has announced that it is able to produce rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion, i.e., the standard kind of rechargeable batteries that go in everything from phones to electric cars) with a world-record energy density...

Tuesday Topsight, October 9, 2007

Trying to get back into the blogging groove I found just before my Budapest trip. Here are some of the items of note I've stumbled across recently. • PowerPaper: This came up in August, but some recent work reminded me...

Monday Topsight, March 5, 2007

• Pope-Emperor Declares Victory to Washington Officialdom: Mr. Sterling gets a Washington Post opinion page platform! It's the Net vs. the 20th-century fossil order in a fight that the cybergreens are winning. Why? Because they're not about spiritual potential, human...

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