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Danger, Danger!

Microsoft/Danger/T-Mobile to millions of Sidekick users: Whoops. Short version: Microsoft (who now owns Danger, the makers of the Sidekick) decided to migrate data from one storage network to another. That migration failed, and corrupted the data. Okay, annoying, so restore...

New Fast Company: Kindle and Orwell and Clouds

Oh my. New Fast Company essay is now up: Head in the Clouds looks at cloud computing in light of Amazon's nuking of purchased Kindle copies of 1984 and Animal Farm. Now, the Kindle is not a cloud computing system,...

Dark Clouds

Cloud computing: Threat or Menace? I did some sustainability consulting recently for a major computer company. We focused for the day on building a better understanding of their energy and material footprint and strategies; during the latter part of...

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