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Unwittingly Participating in the Panopticon

This does not seem like a good combination: The FBI wants (has?) backdoors to monitor Skype (along with other Internet telephony apps); tellingly, there's already concern that such backdoors are open to non-FBI intruders. The soon-to-arrive XBox One has Skype...

Humanity Plus Talk, "Bad Futurism"

Here's the talk I gave a the Humanity+ conference in San Francisco last December. Entitled "Bad Futurism," it's a conversational version of this post. The video runs about 20 minutes. The very first minute or two of my talk is...

Ten Rules for Creating Awful Scenarios

1. One change at a time. Too many changes are confusing, so the only approach is to take a single point of difference from today to its logical conclusion. 2. The only changes that matter are technological changes. And by...

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