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Welcome, Chris

We'd like to give a rousing welcome to Chris Coldewey -- the latest addition to our happy bunch at WorldChanging.

Chris works at GBN, where he assists in the creation of strategic scenarios for a wide variety of organizations, and is a former field ecologist working at Yellowstone, in Panama, and for the East Bay Regional Park District.

I first met Chris back in the heady days of 2000, when he contacted me out of the blue, asking advice about where a broadly-educated, environmentally-conscious, future-aware, easily-bored young person should look for work. When I realized he wasn't trying to take my job away from me (whew), I suggested that he check out GBN, where I had been employed a few years earlier. They seemed to like him, too.

Glad to have you on board, Chris!

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Thanks Jamais, Alex, and gang!
Glad to be here.

Zaid Hassan:

Hey Chris! Good to see you here.


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