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The Beauty of Travel

Extended text and a down-sampled, shrunken image would not do justice to Notes from the Road, the online journal and gallery of Erik Gauger. He's documented his travels in the cities and countryside of the Iberian peninsula, the West Indies, and across North America from the Atlantic coast to the deserts of Mexico, drawing maps and taking pictures with an old large format camera. His most recent entries tell us of the Isthmus of Central America, from Panama to Guatemala. The pictures he takes are simply gorgeous -- there's no other word for them -- and the maps he draws are themselves works of art. He's an ecotourist, but with a very human focus. He shows us not just the physical places, but also the lives of those who call those places home.

Notes from the Road isn't simply wonderful photography, art and words, it's ecological anthropology, and very highly recommended.


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