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For He's a Batten Institute Fellow

Regular contributor Joel Makower has just been selected as Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate Business School. Even better, he's going to be working on a book on sustainability for business students:

With this Fellowship Makower joins the ranks of other thought leaders such as Nobel Prize winner Reinhard Selten and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell. Makower will be working with Professor Richard Brownlee on a case book called The Case for Sustainability.

This project is focused around the publication of a compendium of case studies on business and sustainability - stories about how companies are incorporating sustainable business principles into their organizations in profitable ways. The cases will focus on the drivers, the barriers, the "learnings," and the benefits to the companies and the natural world. [...] Makower will also serve as a mentor to the Batten Institute's Sustainable Business Initiative.

Congratulations, Joel!


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