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Culture Jamming the Tahoe

Chevrolet has opened up a site asking visitors to create advertisements for its ginormous SUV, the Tahoe, using a collection of clips and soundtracks, as well as your own text.

Thing is, there's no reason you have to make ads in favor of ginormous SUVs...

The good folks at Network-Centric Advocacy are collecting links to (and, where possible, recordings of) "Chevy Apprentice" ads talking about global warming and similar subjects. Here's an example. If you come up with a good one, be sure to post the link there -- and here, of course!


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We're trying to start a 'Chevy Carnival', where people post an entry on their websites with the commercial they created and include a list of ads found in previous websites. The list obviously grows going further down the chain...

There are quite a few reports of ads censored almost immediately. Host the carnival and pass it on.


Funny thing is, even the "negative" ads would make the Tahoe more attractive to its target demographic.


The best way to fly under the contest's radar (and keep your ad viewable longer) is to create it, send the email link, but don't enter the contest. I have tons of links to the activist ads on my blog, including mine. Most of them are still viewable. :)

I just started a site where we can rank all the videos people have created.

Anyone can submit, and anyone can vote.

Please let people know about it. I don't know enough people to get the word out by myself.


We've created an index for this great task of coming up with the best alternative ad. http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Chevy_Tahoe_2007_Ad

My entry:
"Think we could hit a pedestrian?"


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