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Carbon Trading 101

WorldChanging contributor Gil Friend has a handy article up at GreenBiz.com entitled "The Nuts and Bolts of Carbon Trading," providing an easy introduction to the process for organizations considering giving it a shot.

1. Establish an emissions baseline -- how much do you generate? What are they main sources? What are your trends over time?

2. Set a specific reduction goal. The existence of a concrete goal (meaning, for example, a goal of "reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15% below 1990 levels," not simply "lowering emissions") makes measuring progress and determining success or failure much simpler. And don't set the goal comfortably low. Dupont plans to reduce GHG to 65% below 19990 levels by 2010; ST Micro is going for 100%; and Sweden plans to be off fossil fuels by 2020.

3. Identify efficiency opportunities through systematic assessment of your operations. Look beyond direct energy use (what about employee commuting? your supply chain?).

There's lots more to the piece -- check it out.

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Joe Deely:

Just curious... how is ST micro going to reduce emissions by 100%?

Are they planting trees to compensate for their emissions?
or are they just buying reductions that someone elese has done?

It's a worry, but planting trees generates methane in significant quantities. This has only just been realised (refer http://www.newscientist.com/channel/opinion/mg18925342.600.html)

I'm surprised no one's commented on this here yet.


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