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This is an interesting idea. Leo Laporte (computer guru from the late, lamented TechTV), John Dvorak (professional curmudgeon), and Larry Lessig (Mr. Creative Commons) have joined forces to create a podcast show called "Triangulation." Here's how Lessig describes it:

The idea is totally John’s: pick a topic on which we all three roughly agree, and then spend 30 minutes drilling down on the layers of the subject. It is intended to be the opposite of Crossfire like malarky.

It's a bit unclear whether Lessig will be a regular, or whether he was there because the first episode covered the Google Print project and intellectual property issues.

While I'm not overly fond of Dvorak (he seems to specialize in getting things wrong), Laporte's a sharp guy, and I find the idea of a show that's the direct opposite of the superficial talking points yelling matches deliriously appealing.

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Tony Fisk:

Interesting that Dvorak and Lessig are doing this together, given Dvorak's pugnacious attitude to creative commons:
(See groklaw's article.)

Possibly as a result of the 'discussions' that followed?


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