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Enjoy Europe While You Can

Dismal news really isn't our focus here, but we can't let this go without notice: the latest Nature also includes a report on an apparent weakening of the warm-water current in the North Atlantic due to global warming causing Greenland ice to melt. This flow keeps the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe relatively temperate, despite being at latitudes similar to Canada and lower Alaska. A further weakening of the flow could result in a mini-ice age for Europe, and possibly further strengthen mid-Atlantic hurricanes.

It's unclear yet whether this is a single event or signs of a new trend.

Green Car Congress has a terrific summary. Additional good discussions can be found at The Oil Drum and (for the more technically-inclined among you) RealClimate.

Comments (2)

Fossilized Flower:

Quick, let's seed the earth with black daisies.

Ted Wolf:

Note how hard this makes it for well-intentioned European planners (and citizens, parents, etc.): will we be adapting to hot (think 2003 heat wave) or cold? Or really hot for a few decades, then really cold? Makes it almost impossible to know what bets to place, what investments to make, either at the societal or the household level.

Also, a change of this magnitude obviously wouldn't only affect Europe. It's not just Europe we need to enjoy while we still can. This is a seriously refashioned world, if the trend holds up to further analysis and scrutiny.


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