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Wikipedia in Print

What do you call a wiki project that isn't online and can't be edited by the users? We're going to find out soon, as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has announced plans to bring Wikipedia to print. His goal is to make the collaboratively-edited encyclopedia more readily available to people in parts of the world without computers or reliable Internet connections, according to CNN:

"I have always liked the idea of going to print because a big part of what we are about is to disseminate knowledge throughout the world and not just to people who have broadband," Wales said by telephone from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Issues like funding, distribution and topics were still being discussed but a first printed work could be ready from mid-2006, he added.

Wales also plans a CD/DVD version for use in places with access to computers and local networks.

(Via TEDblog)

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"What do you call a wiki project that isn't online and can't be edited by the users?"

a (collaborative) book? ;)

It would be a bit more than that..."A self-selected voluntary collaborative book"....so the reader isn't at the mercy of some editor's whim in whose insights to include... : )


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