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White LED Efficiency Breakthrough?

The details are slim, but the UK's Inquirer reports that Japanese researcher Satoshi Kamiyama of the Meijo University has figured out how to increase the efficiency of white LEDs quite dramatically. The new technique produces white LEDs capable of 130 lumens per watt. Normal incandescent light bulbs produce 15-20 lumens per watt; modern fluorescent bulbs produce between 60-110 lumens per watt; and current LED methods allow for a maximum of 60-70 lumens per watt. In short, if this is real, it's a big breakthrough.

Dr. Satoshi is said to be starting up a company to sell the new LEDs by next year.


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Dr. Robb Dunne:

Ah, research and development ... what a wonderful thing. Just imagine all the money Dr. Kamiyama, Meijo University and Japan will make off this advance. Too bad Bush has cut R & D funding in the US by 47%. Is there any wonder why the US has fallen behind in every important category of science and engineering? Even our level of innovation, historically the source of much of the US economy, has dwindled. This case simply illustrates the diminishing role the US has on the global stage in everything other than war. What a wonderful image that is.


A major reason the US has reduced expenditures on R&D is that we have to put so much money to the whiners in our society. We now spend so much money on social programs (that contribute nothing to our society) and yes, the DoD budget (which has, historically contributed vast advances in our technologies, by $$2R&D).
There are many people on our Social Security programs that have never contributed a dime to those programs, and they suck the life's blood out of our economy. Look to recent examples of the dependance of individuals on Government dependance (Katrina's 'victims'). So many people will just sit & wait for someone to come get them out of harms way... and keep their children in a dangerous situation, instead of getting outta Dodge. Our ancestors walked accross the plains on their way to a new & better life.... don't tell me that people are now incapable of walking a few hundred miles... to save their lives.
There are people who saw that no one was going to save them from Katrina, so they walked out of LA, to safety. But, those people were not recieving Government handouts, they hadn't been taught that their Uncle Sugar would take care of them. I've been trying for over a year to tell people that the Hurrican cycle was on the upswing (for about the next 20 rs) & everyone has laughed at me. One freind moved to Galvasten! The whole Gulf & lower Atalantic state area is in for a big bashing over the next couple decades. I pray to God that we drop plans to defy nature & try to keep that place built up, thru G'vt interfearance & subsidy.
If we went back to a policy of independance (pre-New Deal) we might be a world power awhile longer. On our present course, I see us as a world power for another 40 yrs. China is next (Japan & Korea don't have the natural resources to back their economy) in line as the up & coming world power. Will they be as kind to us as we've been to the rest of the world? I doubt it.
I've made enough money from a life of hard work & fruggle-living to get myself outta Dodge. I'm buying MidWest land. I've got a farm & am buying neighboring farms in a small town. I'll soon be totally divested of Los Angeles real estate, before the temps jump to NV/AZ like temps (AZ/NV are going to Sahara like temps.) Can the Colorado (which is now a trickle) support the type of water usage this will cause? Farmers tend to be able to take care of themselves, as long as they stay away from Gov't subsidies. I raise grass-fed & finished beef & poultry & have a very large garden. Y'll can keep eating expensive, petro-chem laced food.... my family will eat healthy & save big bucks in the process.

NOTE: The handle is not a misstype of mixedup, it's a tech thing. If you don't understand it, don't make yourself sound silly by comenting on it.


The US is going down, not because of social spending (many successful countries spend far more on social issues than you) but because of your arrogant, ignorant attitude. You are right about China though. I suspect that 40 years will be an overestimate though.

Kind to the rest of the world? Well it's relative, and you're right, they probably won't be (history shows that all "advanced" societies got where they are by crapping on their neighbours and damaging the enivironment), but it's not like the rest of the world thanks the US for being so "kind" to them. In fact the US's overconsumption is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect which is forcing you to move and causing the destruction of your fellow countrymen's houses in hurricanes.


ps you mis-spelled handle. HTH.


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