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More Accolades for Cameron Sinclair

Not a prize this time, but a Business Week, which continues to inch closer to "getting it" about WorldChanging ideas. Like many of the Cameron Sinclair interviews, this one focuses on how Architecture for Humanity came about, but does give some details about how the AfH idea is spreading.

Architecture for Humanity has grown into a movement much larger than its founder anticipated. There are 152 AFH meet-up groups and chapters around the world working on their own local projects. In this regard it has something in common with the global Linux movement launched by programmer Linus Torvalds.

Over the long term, Sinclair aims to adopt the open-source model more literally. From the beginning, he has tapped the knowledge of his members through competitions; one, to design a mobile AIDS clinic for Africa, generated a record 530 proposals from 51 countries.

Get used to it, Cameron -- there will be more of these to come.


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