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WorldChanging Catch-Up

wcmix08.jpgArticles across the web that update topics we've posted about here at WorldChanging abound this week. Here's what they look like:

  • One of our best interviews has to be Emily's conversation with Natalie Jeremijenko back in October of 2004, discussing her efforts to shake up activism and American culture at large. Make magazine recently profiled Jeremijenko, and the interview portion of that article is now available as a podcast. You can get the podcast through iTunes (the instructions are here), or you can download the MP3 directly.

  • Plumpy'nut is a vitamin-enriched mash that's designed specifically to help malnourished children return to health. It can be made with local ingredients, side-steps problems of using dirty water in powdered milk, and can be provided by mothers without direct medical supervision. In short, as we noted in April, it's "A simple idea, well-executed, with significantly positive results and opportunities for local empowerment," and could lead to a transformation of how undernourishment is handled by aid and relief groups. The New York Times updates the Plumpy'nut story, with some good examples of the nourishing goo making a real difference.

  • Finally, in June we covered some tools for helping homeowners to buy or refit an energy-efficient home, including the Energy Efficient Mortgage offered in the US. Allies Cascadia Scorecard looks again at the Energy-Efficient Mortgages, and notes that Fannie Mae -- FNMA, the US mortgage guarantee agency -- is piloting a "Smart Commute Initiative" and a Location-Efficient Mortgage reflecting the savings offered by living in a transit-friendly community.

    I wonder how much working at home counts as a "smart commute"...

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