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Reminder: WorldChanging Survey

Just a reminder for folks who don't come through here every day and sometimes miss items that get pushed down the page:

We've put together a brief online survey, and would love to get your responses. We'd like to learn more about our readers and where you'd like to see WorldChanging head.

And for those of you who have already taken the survey -- thank you!

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I hope that you'll be posting the results of the survey once they are available.

Data point: I do come here every day -- sort of, I sub to the RSS feed -- and I missed it. So multiple reminders are probably a good idea.


I enjoyed doing the survey, thanks. Great to see the team looking to evolve - is it climate change making you do that?

Couple of comments:

1) when asking for education levels, please don't assume that everyone's tertiary education system in particular works like the USA. I can 'translate' but not everyone can (and it's unusually US-centric of you!). The best way to ask this question is simply to list number of years of tertiary education, and let people pick.

2) Not sure why you asked where people are, but to get any meaningful data, lumping Australia & NZ into 'Oceania' makes it pretty meaningless - if you've got tons of Pacific Islanders reading you, they have very different economy/situation/focus than those of us on the 'big islands'. Ditto including Antaractica - I'm guessing you wanted to know what scientists based there you could tap into maybe? Otherwise, the population is all just visitors from other places.

3) Charities - given the yes/no split, I went yes, but would have preferred a 'maybe' and space to qualify / clarify. I think if you do go down this route, perhaps having a separate page for charities you recommend, and highlighting maybe one a week would be fine. I really like the idea of you highlighting volunteering / non-cash ways / causes people can 'do good'. There are lots of novel and wonderully innovative ideas out there - Freecycle makes a great example - that tap directly into many of the themes on worldchanging, and don't require reaching into the pocket. I'd love to hear about more.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the future direction of the site.


I don't appear to be able to do the survey in Firefox 1.0.6 on Linux. This is obviously a problem with either my setup or with surveymonkey, but if it's a general thing, keep in mind that responses may underestimate intended responses, if you get my drift.

Jamais Cascio:

Jim, I believe we will be presenting what we find once we parse the results.

Sennoma, thanks.

Imogen, thank you. You're right about how we should have phrased things; unfortunately, with the survey engine that we used, once a question has been answered by someone, the system won't allow for changes to the question structure. That's understandable from a survey integrity perspective, but it does mean that we can't fix problems or inelegant phrasings.

Dave, I apologize. I used Firefox/OSX to assemble the survey and to test it, so I'm not sure why it's posing problems with Firefox/Linux.


Dave: I had no problem completing the survey with the same setup you have, so I suspect surveymonkey is not the culprit. My browser had Javascript activated, perhaps this was the reason (too lazy to try right now ;>)

Thank you for your wonderful blog which I learned of from Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz. Our lab Minciu Sodas http://www.ms.lt for independent thinkers is interested also in global villages and related questions. So we're starting a subwiki called The Real Toolshed http://www.globalvillages.info/index.php/TheRealToolshed We'd like to use information from your site. But I can't find any information about the license. I would highly recommend you to share your material in the Public Domain ("except as noted") as we are http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org Franz Nahrada and I would be interested to work with you so that we might have a lively wiki. Bright Green Living is very much like what we'd like to do. But that does not seem to have taken off just yet. Perhaps we have a chance to work together? Thank you for your great work! Andrius Kulikauskas

Bjorn van der Meer:

Just letting you know, I did the survey on Linux with Firefox 1.0.6 with no problems.


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