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Science Fiction Podcast

CNN is experimenting a bit with podcasting, and they've just put out a special program (MP3) on summer science fiction. The guests include Harlan Ellison, Connie Willis, and WorldChanging Ally #1 Bruce Sterling. The interviews are fairly good -- and if you've never heard Harlan Ellison rant, you really should take advantage of the opportunity. And, of course, Bruce is Bruce...

Interviewer: Does anything stand out in your mind as being truly exceptional in science fiction cinema?

Bruce: Yeah, it's the ancillary rights. It's the lightsabers, it's the puppets, it's the plastic dolls. I'm not kidding!

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Stefan Jones:

[dweeby indignation]
They're not plastic dolls, they're action figures.
[/dweeby indignation]

But, yes, Lucas' true genius was in milking every last drop of cash of his increasingly miserable films' licensing potential.

The program is pretty good.

41 MB!! Ugh.....in Bombay when they say broadband, they mean female hairstyling accessories.

Downloading anyway :)


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