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Halley 6 South Pole Habitat Selected

In November of 2004, Régine reported that the British Antarctic Survey was holding a competition to select the design for its latest habitat, and had narrowed the field to six contenders. In January of 2005, I wrote a lengthy follow-up, going deeper into why a new habitat was needed, and noting that the final three candidates had just been chosen. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

The Faber Maunsell/Hugh Broughton Architects design won out, as its combination of ski-type feet (for easy mobility using a tractor to push/pull the units) and extreme modular flexibility (to adjust to new research needs and personnel) were considered by the judges to give the design the best ability to respond to changing Antarctic conditions.

The Halley 6 station will make use of renewable energy sources and use advanced waste handling techniques; moreover, when the station is eventually retired, 20 years hence, all traces of it will be removed, leaving its location as clean as when they started. Construction will begin in January 2007 for occupation by December 2008.

(Thanks for the heads-up, Hans in Montreal)


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