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Google the Moon

Okay, everybody's pointed to this today -- heck, I even got a link to it from a relative -- but it's very much the kind of thing many of us love here. If you're among the fraction of the people who hasn't seen this already today, you're in luck:


It's a Google Map of the section of the Moon that the Apollo astronauts landed more than three decades ago. Don't zoom too far out -- it's not the whole moon by any means -- but go ahead and zoom in to max magnification for a predictable-but-charming surprise.

Google's doing this because July 20 is the 36th anniversary of the first Moon landing. Of course, it makes me wonder how difficult it would be to make a complete Moon map or even a Mars map using the Google Map (or Yahoo! Map, for that matter) technology.

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I believe that should be the 36th anniversary.

Oh, you mean the landing that everyone knows about...



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