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Steffen & Sterling -- the Complete Keynote

Back in March, WorldChanging's Alex Steffen and Ally #1 Bruce Sterling gave the closing keynote to South by SouthWest Interactive. Dawn, Emily and Jon ably blogged many of the good ideas Alex & Bruce discussed, and a video excerpt was soon made available. But now, for your listening pleasure, is the audio of the complete SXSW keynote talk, presented by IT Conversations.

The talk's available as streaming Windows media, streaming MP3, or as MP3 download. It runs about 53 minutes, and the download size is 24 megabytes.

How can we redesign properity so that we can deliver prosperity to the whole human population? How we can design solutions to the problems of air polution, traffic, over-population, and food shortages? How do technological leapfrogging and the eviro-coture, treefrogging movement impact these problems? How can we change our long-term consumption patterns? How will bio-mimetics and neobiology help us create a sustainable ecology? [...] These are other questions that Alex and Bruce explore while they talk about how we can choose the future that we want and not the unthinkable future we'll have if we change nothing.

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Stefan Jones:

Good stuff!


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