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NextBillion.net describes itself as bringing together "the community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers, and academics who want to explore the connection between development and enterprise," with an explicit focus on the ways in which poverty can be eliminated through profit-making activities. Its blog "Development Through Enterprise" launched formally just last week. Many of the posts on the site so far read like brief entries in the WorldChanging "Leapfrog Nations" category, and in fact we've covered a number of the items they discuss -- for example: the India "Mobilis" computer (WC post here); the Vodafone study on the impact of mobile phones in Africa (WC post here); and the connection between nanotechnology and reaching the Millennium Development Goals (WC post here).

The posts on NextBillion won't always line up with the approaches we take here on WorldChanging, but -- at least at this early point in its history -- it definitely looks like a resource to add to one's RSS list...

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