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Carbon Tax in the UK?

If nothing is certain but climate disruption and taxes, here come the taxes part. The Royal Society, the highly prestigious UK scientific organization, is calling on the government to tax carbon dioxide emissions from all sectors, as the government has not done enough to curb CO2 emissions through other policies. They're particularly concerned that the upcoming closure of aging nuclear power plants will actually increase the use of fossil fuels in the UK and subsequent greenhouse emissions.

If the UK adopts such a tax, they wouldn't be the first; as we noted recently, New Zealand will begin taxing carbon in 2007.

(Via Green Car Congress.)


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Something odd about this whole concept.

We are punishing consumers for doing something that consumers have done since time began...consume!

Now don't get me wrong...encouraging better consumption AND lower consumption are both valid paths to a better future.

But given the lack of enthusiasm from the car manufacturers perhaps we should incentivise them to produce more eco friendly cars.

How about if government said to the car-makers...from 2006 until 2016 we will not tax you on cars sold to individuals and companies that have zero emmissions.

I bet that would get them all scrabbling to release and push green cars.



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