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WorldChanging Weekend

"If I can't dance, it's not my revolution!" -- Emma Goldman

We're unveiling a new category and theme today: WorldChanging Weekend. Every Saturday, we (along with guest contributors) will be writing about worldchanging and worldchanging-related pieces of global culture: movies, games, books, music and more. We should never lose sight of the idea that changing the world should be fun.

Examples of posts which would fit in with the WorldChanging Weekend theme include my recent pieces on Spore and PSPcasting, Nicole on A Force More Powerful, Cameron's piece on music mash-ups, our ongoing musing about Bollywood, and of course the extended discussion of The Day After Tomorrow.

But we'd like to kick this off by giving you the floor, and asking you what you think are great examples of worldchanging ideas in global pop culture. What games have you played, movies have you seen, books have you read that have inspired you to think differently about the planet and its future? What should more people know about? What would you like to see in a game or movie or book?

Let us know what your worldchanging weekend looks like.

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Jeff Rusch:

For recreation, I'd like a flight simulator that does away with all semblance of actual airplane flying-- controls, readouts and whatnot--and is more transparently controlled, like dream flying. I'd like to fly over the actual earth using satellite photos, a la Keyhole, but without having to enter destinations or coordinates, just bank and turn and explore. If it were a pretty recently updated image bank, imagine flying over the rainforest to see how much is left or check out the melting of the glaciers for yourself. That's worldchanging. I realize I'm talking computer power here, but it seems like we're getting close. Any leads on what's the closest thing so far?

Jeff, the closest thing so far is probably the "satellite" feature of Google Maps. Try it, it's addictive.

I've even heard that some people have used it to document clearcuts in british columbia...


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