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Virtual March on Washington

StopGlobalWarming.org has launched a "Virtual March on Washington," a bi-partisan effort to demonstrate a consensus about the need to respond now to the threat of continued global warming. The "virtual march" aspect will be a series of specific examples of the current effects of climate disruption, starting with the Shishmaref native village in Alaska, going step by step towards DC. The entire "march" will take a year, and is scheduled to get to Washington in late April, 2006. Unlike some examples of online activism, StopGlobalWarming.org seems to have picked up the support of some relatively influential people: Robert Kennedy, Jr., Senator John McCain, and former presidential candidate Wesley Clark, among others.

The site's new, and there's not a lot there yet. It has something of a rough social networking aspect, wherein people who join the "march" can link themselves to names of those who have already joined, as a way of demonstrating the spread of the idea. If you'd like to join, you can hit the main page of the site. If you'd like to add your name to mine (and you're certainly under no obligation to do so), you can join via my page.


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